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Kaspersky Lab unveils small office security for small businesses

 Majority of small businesses doesn’t give a lot of attention to ensuring their cybersecurity these days, that’s why they are the usual target of cybercriminals

China’s Great Cannon Could Point Anywhere When Next Fuse Is Lit

 China, which censors the web using its Great Firewall also known as the “Golden Shield,” includes a new censorship tool that’s leading to alarm. It’s

Belgian and French websites hacked, two minors as suspects

 Websites of the Belgian and French publications are hacked by assumed suspects who are both teenagers’ ages sixteen to eighteen years old. Brussels prosecutors stated

Malware Attacks on ASEAN Businesses and Governments Revealed By a Cyber Security Firm

 According to the Hendren Global Group Top Facts reports, a security company headquartered in California called FireEye states that there is only a single entity that