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Tips for Developing Countries with Economic Woes

As a result of the recent devastation caused by Typhoon Glenda in Southern Luzon, Philippines, consumers now face a shortage of the supply for basic

Apprenticeships Help Close the Skills Gap. So Why Are They in Decline?

 It is the perfect and simple plan: provide qualified employees to employers. Indeed, apprenticeships allow workers to acquire the very skills they need. But why

China’s largest internet-search services provider, Baidu enters smartphone security software market

Baidu is the China’s largest internet-search services provider. The good news is that it has launched its own security software for Android-based smartphones, making a

Grexit or Bankruptcy for Greece within the Next 4 Years, FT says

A shocking prediction was made by The Financial Times concerning Greece while evaluating the sustainability plan of the German government resulting from the coalition between

Gas under $3 – coming to a station near you

Nowadays it seems that oil price hike is never-ending but surprisingly it is becoming easier and easier to find gas for less than $3 a