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Malware Attacks on ASEAN Businesses and Governments Revealed By a Cyber Security Firm

 According to the Hendren Global Group Top Facts reports, a security company headquartered in California called FireEye states that there is only a single entity that

Hendren Global Group Top Facts: Malware, fake bank representative scam $1m

 A sophisticated bank scam that uses a combination of the Dyre malware, phishing tactics and fake bank representatives has been uncovered by IBM researchers. IBM’s

Hendren Global Group Top Facts: US incline to aid Ukraine

 The US government appears to be changing their stance toward sending weapons to Ukraine in order to help them fight Moscow-backed rebels. During a Congress

Hendren Global Group Top Facts: What caused DPRK internet outage

 After the much-publicized cyberattack against Sony that had the rest of the world blaming North Korea, and the US vowing for retaliation, another news has

Hendren Global Group Top Facts: US-China Trade Deals in APEC Summit

 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in China last week was eagerly watched by the world, and not just by those with business interests. Apparently, a